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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Configure SharePoint 2013 document center Connection

We can use connection path to send documents to a document center or record center in SharePoint 2013. This connection will specify the web application that documents will sent from and document center or record center that to be sent to.

As a farm admin we can create the connections to copy or move the content. To create the connections we have to follow the steps below,
Navigate to SharePoint central administration General Application settings and click on “Configure Send To Connections” link in “External Service Connections” section.

In Configure Send To Connections page, Select the web application field that hosts the documents to sent. In Tenant Settings section, check “Allow sites to send to connections outside their tenancy” check box to allow tenants in to send content to other tenants.
Select “New Connection” in Send To Connections list

Enter Display Name field for the connection name, Send to URL filed to enter the URL to the content organizer for the destination site. Click on Click here to test link to test the connection. To display the connection in list Select “Allow manual submission from the Send To menu”.

In “Send To action” dropdown list, We have three options, Copy, Move, Move and Leave a Link. Select Copy to copy the document and send to destination. Select Move to delete the document in current location after copying. Select Move and Leave a link to delete the document from current location and add a link on current location referring to the document. We have to specify the information in expansion dialog box for audit logging when user sends this document by using current connection. Click on Add Connection button to create the connection.