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Friday, October 18, 2013

Get SharePoint feature ID using IE developer tool bar

We can get many errors in SharePoint referring the feature GUID. It is not possible to check quickly what associated feature with that GUID is. We can get the feature GUID using IE developer tool bar.
To get the GUID, navigate to site collection features page (Site Settings -> Site Collection features)

Press F12 button, we can see the IE developer tool bar. Select the feature ‘Activate’ button on any feature that we want to check. We can see “ID” value in HTML as shown in the image. That is features GUID.

To check the current GUID is correct or not, Open SharePoint Management shell and enter following PowerShell command.

Get-SPFeature |  Where-Object {$_.Id -eq “GUID“}

Here GUID is id of the feature. We can see feature display name, ID and Compatibility Level as shown the image below.