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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SharePoint – Back to basics – Why SharePoint is so famous?

Few of my friends who working on .net and other technologies always asking me questions, why SharePoint is famous?  Why organizations (mid and enterprise size) are preferring SharePoint?
Incredulously, there are now well over 10,00,00,000 global users, Fortune 500 companies using this multi-functional platform. It’s one of Microsoft's biggest businesses and in past 5-6 years Microsoft sold over 36 million user licenses…!!!!  A reasonable follow-up question is what exactly does SharePoint offer to businesses that are so widely sought after? Below are the three brief points can help to understand what exactly in SharePoint platform?

      Collaboration Every business on the planet has an imperative need of slick, collaborative processes for every type of operation. Microsoft’s platform helps not only centralize items of all file-types, but it provides harmonized online and offline ways for multiple users collaborate at once. Regardless of location and devices, we are able to log on to our collaborative, SharePoint-based environment to work with our colleagues on documents, projects, or business processes. Additionally, agenda's, contacts, reports, and pretty much everything else under the sun is all synchronized simultaneously. Users can expect a seamless, versatile experience when working together on online and offline applications.  All these changes are updated in an automated fashion with SharePoint's hosted, online library at the guide.All our data can be edited within our own browser so as to avoid necessary applications on our device. SharePoint offers a way for people to work together; regardless of location.

      Internal Controls Imagine never having to worry about who can access what. Just think on an environment where all of our woes as to who can see our financial reports. SharePoint offers an incredibly observing permission tool, allowing us as a business manager or owner to have constant, unhindered control. The interface of SharePoint is a simple-to-use dashboard of all the tools needed to assign and inherit permissions. When building a new site, SharePoint administrators and members (who are assigned through cloud accounts at the commencement of the online portal) can select not only who can visit the site, but what levels of permission they have; site visitor, contributor, administrator, etc. To take this to an even more incentive's step, you can optimize project management by creating sites for clients to log on to, establish agendas, store information while still preserving your infrastructural integrity by restricting the same clients to their own site through permissions.

      Data Management We can also experience the joy of accessing documents from any location on any device; be it laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet. In previous times, the only way to edit data was through direct file access, normally in an offline environment. Every uploaded file, regardless of type or size, can be categorized within different sites and libraries accompanied with unique workflow traits. SharePoint not only allows as team members or business owners to open up documents via the web, but to also synchronize work through document collaboration. Rather than engage us in the hassle of sending files to others to carry out needed edits.SharePoint's powerful content management platform allows us to build up document management solutions with standard policies within our internal environment. With managed metadata, classification, and flexible architecture, SharePoint helps us to classify documents quickly so people will save time in searching and retrieving information every time they need it. Businesses have literally been able to save millions as a result of SharePoint's search integration.