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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Customize SharePoint survey through UI

In SharePoint survey we don’t have option to edit the survey views and details. In my project, we need to add a column with to response to survey which works as a normal list item. This column need to save the response of the survey. I have tried to do this through UI and I am unable to do that as regular list options. I have checked it in google, few answers says that it is nearly impossible to do that through UI and we have to go for custom coding.

By checking few more links I got a clue to do that. It says that a designer workflow will collect the feedback from the user who responds the survey and workflow fills the response details to survey. That’s great. I got the fix for that.

To create new view in survey list,
  • ·         Open the new view page in SharePoint site, copy the URL to a notepad. URL shows like “/_layouts/15/ViewNew.aspx?List=%7B0C3E3AB1%2D555D%2D4FE0%2DB9B3%2DB58BE4D36D22%7D”
  • ·         Open Survey settings page, Replace the Survey list id with previous URL.

To create a new column in SharePoint survey list, Open Site with concating following URL “/_layouts/fldNew.aspx?ListID=” Add survey list ID.

These are quick hacks for SharePoint survey list. Hope this helps.