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Friday, April 3, 2015

SharePoint 2013 - Update master page styles in SharePoint hosted apps without coding

One of my project I got a requirement to remove top suite links in a SharePoint hosted master page. But app was not developed by us. It is third party app. We don’t have code for the app. We just got app file and configured it in app site collection.

But one of management asked us to remove top suite links (Sites, One Drive and Newsfeed). We need to update the app master page links. I have worked on app, but all did form code side. But we don’t have code access now.

Generally we can have options to see site settings and all site contents of the app web by navigating to http://appweburl/_layouts/settings.aspx, http://appweburl/_layouts/viewlsts.aspx ). But in our app, app developers restricted to view those pages. I have tried to edit the app page as it is general SharePoint page. But I am unable to edit the page.

Finally a simple trick worked for me. Navigated to master page gallery http://appweburl/_catalogs/masterpage. Yes, I have access to master page gallery. In master page gallery I have seen all master pages related to SharePoint 2013 (app.master, seattle.master, oslo.master..etc.) By default app web use app.master page. Download app.master to your local and add CSS/JavaScript code to the master page. Upload it to masterpage gallery again.

In my case I just made added #DeltaSuiteLinks{display:none} style in the master page. It worked for me. But make sure check this before in Dev/Stage before updating the production.

Hope this helps.