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Saturday, September 27, 2014

SharePoint – Back to basics – Designer quick tips – All Items in navigation, Updating List URL

I got a simple requirement for one of my project to update the list URL. Basically this is a simple requirement by using Object model/PowerShell commands. But we don’t have option to use PowerShell commands or coding. Even without them we can update that easily from SharePoint designer. This is simple option I haven’t seen/worked on earlier.

We can update the list URL by navigating to designer All Items -> Lists folder. But unfortunately I can’t find All item option in designer. By default we can’t see that option. To enable that option we have to enable the option in Central Administration as the steps below.

Navigate to SharePoint central administration General Application settings. Click on “Configure SharePoint Designer Settings”

To enable SharePoint designer to a site we have to check “Enable SharePoint Designer ” to see All items option we have to check “Enable Managing of the Web Site URL Structure ” option as shown below.

To change the List URL click on “All Items” in designer. We can see the list of all the contents. Click on Lists folder.

Select the list to change the URL, right click and select Rename option.

Rename the list as per the requirement. By updating the list name URL of the list will be changed. Here before changing the list URL looks like http://SiteURL/Lists/TestCustom/AllItems.aspx . I have updated the name as Testlist. By updating the name URL updated as http://SiteURL /Lists/Testlist/AllItems.aspx .

Sunday, August 31, 2014

SharePoint 2013 – office 365 site save site as template error

In Office 365 site, to save customized site as template we can’t have save site as template option as we don’t even activate publishing feature. For example, I have created a site in office 365 environment and added some third party customized features like twitter and tried to save the site as template by navigating to Site settings. Bu I am unable to find “Save site as template” option in site settings page.

While troubleshooting the issue I have checked few posts in msdn and tech net forum. By checking all the posts I have found that SharePoint doesn't allow to save the third party apps. By removing the third party apps, i am able to save the site as template. But I need the third party app should be include in my sub site.

By checking few more posts I got a trick for this. To enable save site as a template in site settings page, we have to set “SaveSiteAsATemplateEnabled” parameter in office 365 site. To do that, open the site in SharePoint designer in homepage, click on “Site Options” link.

We can get a pop up box with four tabs. In Parameters tab, find for “SaveSiteAsATemplateEnabled” and update the value from false to true.