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Monday, November 11, 2013

Work management service application in SharePoint 2013

We have a new service application in SharePoint 2013 to track the user tasks distributed across the sites/site collections/web applications. This will provide to aggregation of the tasks to a central location in SharePoint server. By using this service users can view their to-do tasks in personal site level. All the tasks will be sync into outlook. We can also see the tasks from Exchange, project server. Based on the provider model, users can sync with other systems. We can see all the tasks in my site tasks.

To view the tasks we have to check with following things,
  • We have to check each of the search service should have valid content source and it should be in Continuous crawling. If we have incremental crawls, crawl should happen in very often time intervals.
  • Application pool using for my site should have SPDataAccess SQL permissions in the content database of the web application.

Work Management Service will work on Search. If crawl was not proper, we cannot see any tasks to display. All the tasks used to store in “WmaAggregatorList_User” list in personal site of individual users.  All the tasks can be viewed tasks page of my site.  We can see the tasks in different sections as, important and Upcoming Tasks, Active Tasks, Completed Tasks.

To Create Work Management Service Application, Navigate to Application Management in SharePoint central administration, select Manage Service Application link.In Service applications page, create new Work Management Service Application, and specify the details as shown in the images below. 

This service will have dependency on User Profile Service and Search Service.
We can see the error with yellow warning triangle as “We are having trouble refreshing your tasks” error on “My Tasks” page as shown below.

We can see this error for multiple reasons,
  • Work Management service application was not created.
  • Work management service application dependent services may not running (Search service or search crawls)
  • Account using for Work Management Service Application is same as Web application or Service Account running for Work Management Service Account is not having full Permissions for User Profile service application.

We can see more details on Work Management service application in the following links