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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

SharePoint OWA Power Point error - Sorry, PowerPoint Web App Ran into a problem opening this presentation.

In SharePoint 2013 environment I got an error PowerPoint while previewing the document. Error message states that “sorry PowerPoint web app ran into a problem opening this presentation to view this presentation please open it in Microsoft PowerPoint” as shown the image below.

I am seeing this only one Power Point documents only. Word apps and all the other office are working as expected. By double clicking on the document it is opening as expected.
I have verified ULS logs and IIS logs on trouble shooting this error. I didn’t any information on this error. Tried using fiddler to get any of the information. But no luck. Verified few posts and did following,
  •  Tried to rebuild the Office Web App servers
  •   By passed the host files targeting OWA server
  •  Changed service accounts

All of the options are not worked. Finally one of the post suggested to clear the cache in “d” folder on “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\OfficeWebApps\Working\d” location in Office Web App server as shown the image below (drive is dependent. In my case it is C:\ If you didn’t find ProgramData, you have set folder option to show the hidden files.)

Go the folder location and remove all the files in the folder (back up all the files instead of deleting). Wow…. It worked like a charm. Almost 3 days I worked on this issue but resolution is this much simple.

Hope this helps..!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Print to PDF option for SharePoint 2013 documents

From SharePoint 2013 by adding OWA we can get many add-ons. Few of them are Document previewing documents on hover and print PDF etc. Document preview allows users to view the documents and read entire document.

Print PDF will allow users to print the document as in PDF. We can locate the menu and select the option to print PDF.

To locate print PDF option, navigate to library or the WebPart where we are storing the documents. Select the document and click on “…” to the right side of the document. Click on menu on the bottom right.

We have the options to download a copy and Print PDF as shown below. Select “Print to PDF” option to print document as PDF.

We can see the window with link in the office web app. Click on the link to view the pdf.

We can cancel the printing options depending on the access additional options like download or zoom. We can see this option by adding OWA features to SharePoint.