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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Configure Document conversion and Create web page from document in SharePoint 2013

By using Document conversion, we can create a web page with uploaded document in simple and easy way. By using this functionality content authors can create pages with content easily because the converter is associated with content types and content author is not limited any document library.

To Configure Document conversation we have to enable Documents Conversations Load Balance Service and Document Conversations Launcher Service in the Central administration.

After starting the services, navigate to General Application Settings and select Configure document conversations in External Service Connections.

Select Web application to configure document conversion Web Application section. Select yes in Enable Document conversion section to allow files to be converted from code type to another on the site. Select Load Balance Server in Load Balance Server section. Enter schedule timings to specify how often document conversion timer to be run.

Once we are done with the configuration, upload the document to a document library and select Convert document -> From word document to Web Page as shown below.

We will redirect in to Create Page From Document Page, Select location of site where we need to save the page in Location Section, Enter Page Title and URL in Page Title and Description section. In Processing section, select create this page for me now, and take me to the page when it is create to redirect to the new page after creating. If want to redirect document library after creating the page, select Create this page for me in the background, and take me back to the document library. Select Send e-mail to the following users when the page is created check box to send emails to the users in Users Text box.