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Friday, April 18, 2014

SharePoint - Back to basics - Display data in groups and sorting in SharePoint data grid view

We can use data view web parts to display data for adding different feature to show our list data. We can display groups and sorting by using data grid view web part. By using grouping sorting options in grid view we can display the item group wise

To add Data View web part to SharePoint page open SharePoint page in designer and in insert tab click on Data View Web part. Add Empty data view web part to the page.

Select the list to add the data view web part by clicking on “Click here to select data source” link in the web part.

We can see the pop up with all the lists in the site. Select the list.

In the right side pane, select multiple view to see all the items in the web part.

We can add/remove the columns to the web part by click on “Add or Remove columns” in the top ribbon. We can sort and group the data by clicking the “Sort and Group” option in top ribbon.

By clicking on the “Sort and Group” option we can see a pop up to add sorting and grouping columns.  We can have the options to collapse and expand the grouping in “Group Properties” section. Also we can edit the sort expression to display the items.

By checking “Sort & Filters on headers” we can provide sorting and filtering options as regular list columns. We can add Grouping tool bar for data view web part by selecting the options tab as shown in the image below.

After all we can see the data with grouping and sorting.