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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Add charts to SharePoint site using excel services

By using SharePoint excel services we can show excel worksheets, graphs and charts in the SharePoint site. We can create the charts and graphs by using excel power pivot. To create a chart in excel workbook, take an excel workbook with sample data to create a chart.

Select Insert tab on the top, select Power Pivot button on the top left as shown below.

We can see a window asking to create a Pivot Table. Click on OK button.

Name the Pivot table.

Select the fields to create power pivot report and drag the fields in to Sum values column and Rows column to create a report.

Once done with the report, Select Insert tab and click on the charts to insert the pie chart in excel sheet.

After creating the chart, Name the Chart. Here it is “Chart 1”  

Save the excel sheet and upload it to SharePoint library.

Add Excel Web Access web part in the SharePoint page to show the chart.

Click on the link “Click here to open the tool pane” to specify the worksheet and chart details to the web part.

Add Excel worksheet in Workbook and Chart Name in Named Item in the Workbook display settings of the Excel Web Access web part.

Click on “Apply” button. We can see the Chart in SharePoint page once done with applying the settings.  Click on “OK” button to save the settings. Click on Save Page to save the page.

We have the options to change the view by changing the drop down option on the right side.