Thursday, July 24, 2014

SharePoint – Delete Orphaned sites using PowerShell commands

We can delete the orphaned site in SharePoint environment that we are trying to provision the project server application. To remove orphaned site we have to un-provisioned and then delete the site.

We can delete the site by using following PowerShell commands,

Get SharePoint service application by using Get-SPServerviceApplication command
We can see the list of GUID’s. Get the service application specific to the orphaned site by using get-spserviceapplication command

$serviceApp = Get-SpServiceapplication | ? {$_.Id -eq "GUID of the Service App"}

Get the Site collection by using the service app

 $siteCollection = $serviceApp.SiteCollection

Get the site from Site Collection and delete the site by using the following commands,

$site = $siteCollection.Sitecollection | where {$_.SiteID -eq "< Guid>"}

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