Saturday, June 14, 2014

SPGridView error: Value cannot be null. Parameter name:propName

While working with SharePoint grid view to show data, I got an error saying that “Value cannot be null. Parameter name:prop name as shown the image below.

I have checked the properties assigned to SPGridview. By default SPGrid will have option to group the result based on a column. By setting AllowGrouping is “true” we can group the data. We have to specify the grouping column name, Group collapse and Group field display name as shown the code below.

SpGridView. GroupField=”Group Field Name”;
SPGridView.AllowGroupCollapse = false;
SPGridView.GroupDescriptionField = “Group Description Name”;
SPGridView.GroupFieldDisplayName = “DisplayName Text

We have to set GroupField, AllGroupCollapse, GroupDescriptionField and GroupFieldDisplayName along with AllwGrouping field to fix the error.

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