Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Display PowerPoint Presentation in SharePoint 2013 page

We can allow users to view Office web apps in SharePoint 2013 with in the browser by clicking on the link of document. We can display PPT in browser. First of all create and upload a PPT to document library by selecting New Document, Select “PowerPoint Presentation” as shown the image below.

Select the PPT URL by clicking on the … next to PPT document, select and copy the URL. Navigate to the page where we need to display the PPT and insert Page viewer web part as shown below.

Edit the web part, enter the URL in Page Viewer link in web part properties. In Appearance tab select “YES” for “should the web part have a fixed height”, and set it as 600 px. Save and close the properties.

Now we can see the PPT in the page as a web part and will have options to navigate the pages in PPT.

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