Saturday, April 26, 2014

SharePoint – Back to basics- Creating lists using excel by using Import spread sheet template

We can create SharePoint list using Excel sheet using Import Spreadsheet Template. As a Developer\Administrator we can have knowledge on how to create the lists and libraries. But End users will not aware of this. For this purpose we have an option to create the list by using excel sheet having data.

To create using Excel sheet we have an option “Import Spreadsheet” as shown the image below.

While creating the list, Select “Import Spreadsheet” option. By selecting the option we’ll be navigated to details form page as below. Enter Name and description for new list and browse the Excel sheet in File location. Click on Import Button to update the data to select the data from the list.

Once user importing the data, list will be created with all the existing columns in sheet. Sometime SharePoint will not identify the type column. That’s only disadvantage with this option
Hope this helps.

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