Sunday, March 9, 2014

SharePoint content search web part – Show items sorted by Modified date

Working with SharePoint 2013, I got a requirement from client to implement a search query web part. We have to display the items depending on the modified date. Everything in my content search web part is working as expected. But I am unable to see items modified today.

I have started full crawl again but results are not showing as expected. By checking the Content Search Web part settings, in sorting section we can see the field for date modified as “lastModifiedTime” applied the search filter. I got same results as earlier.

After digging into deep, instead of changing out of box settings, created new one in SharePoint search with Name Modified as shown image below.

Creating the search, started SharePoint full crawl and In Content Search Web part settings, changed Modified managed property.

Super, It worked for me. Now I am able to see the items in CSWP in sorting order.

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