Monday, January 27, 2014

Hit counter for SharePoint site

Generally few of blog sites I have checked the hit counter to count the number of hits for that site. For my blog also we can see the hit counter on the right bottom showing like the image below.

So Is there any feature or anything is available in SharePoint. Yes we have same kind of feature in SharePoint to view number of hits for specific page. By default it is available in SharePoint 2007 as explained in the URL here.

SharePoint 2010 we don’t have that feature. But we have a WebPart available in codeplex to achieve this functionality. We can download the file from codeplex.

But before adding this WebPart to our site, we have to create custom list as Statistics with URL (Multiple lines of text), Date (Single line of text), and Username (Single line of text) fields and provide contribute permissions for visitors and viewers group. So that all the visits will be listed. Hope it will help.

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