Thursday, November 14, 2013

Retrieve user manager and send email in SharePoint designer workflow

Recently I had a simple requirement like leave approval task. Whenever user submits a leave request, an email needs to be send user manager. It is an easy task by providing the manager name in leave request form. But we don’t have manager field here. So according the requirement we have to get the manager assigned to specific user from AD.

We are not allowed to deploy the custom code for the requirement. I thought there is no option to get the user manager assigned in AD from designer WF. I have tried if there is any option to get user manager. Surprisingly I have found the Option in designer workflow to get Manager Details and also it is available from 2007 version. Superb.

We can get the user manager details by using simple command as shown below,
Search for command look up we can get “Find Manger” option as shown below.

Select the User and manager and assign the user to manager variable. Send email to the manager using Send mail command.

Simple. There are plenty of options are available in SharePoint designer instead of going custom development. Hope this helps. 

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