Thursday, November 7, 2013

Image sliding in SharePoint using Picture Library Slideshow WebPart

We can get image sliding functionality using SharePoint inbuilt WebPart “Picture Library Slideshow WebPart” Using this in-built WebPart we can slide the images from SharePoint picture Library. We can create and display the slideshow in selected page.

We can add image slider to a page by using the following steps,

Edit SharePoint Page, Click on Insert tab from Ribbon, Select WebPart button to insert the webparts. From categories list, Select “Media and Content” group, Select “Picture Library Slideshow Web Part” and click on Add button to insert the web part.

Edit the web part to specify the images source to display images.

We have to specify the slide duration, Picture Library, Order in webparts edit pane. Click on OK.

We can see sliding images once we updated with the webparts properties.  This helps us to image sliding instead of creating custom images.

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