Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Document information panel in SharePoint

Document information panel in SharePoint contains Meta data about document. This will enables users to enter metadata regarding the document. Documents stored in library will contain other columns to show metadata. Document information panel will display the field for each content type property or column that user can edit.
Document management panel allows users to enter metadata for Microsoft based documents that stored in SharePoint. This will not display by default with the document. We have show this by changing the settings for content type.

We can enable document information panel using the steps below,
Navigate to SharePoint Document library Settings page, Click on the content type which to enable Document Information Panel should be enabled.

Click on Document Information Panel Settings in settings section.

In Document Information Panel Templates section, we can specify the default template or custom template. Select “Always Show Document Information Panel on document open and initial save for this content type” Check-box in Show Always section, Click on OK to save the settings.

By editing the document uploaded to document library we can see the fields as shown below.

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