Thursday, November 28, 2013

Distribution lists in SharePoint

In SharePoint, we can manage the users by assigning the permission levels to groups. We can do that by setting up individual users of Active directory groups. We can do that in two ways using Security groups in site and using distribution groups.

A distribution group is used to send emails for not security-enabled users. We cannot list the distribution groups in discretionary access control list that are used to define the permissions. By selecting security groups users will not be accessible to my sites. User groups will be dedicated to only a specific site.

We can create SharePoint distribution groups by navigating security and clicking on the Approve or reject distribution groups in Users section.

Create new Item in the distribution group by clicking on new item link

Enter details of the item like group title, Alias name, Description, Owner Email details. Click on ok to save details. Here justification is message to the user who approves the requests in the distribution groups. We can see the requests in the list once it is approved.

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