Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Suggested Content Browser Locations in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint Site collection, we can configure “Suggested Content Browser Locations” to access the directories easily. When we configure these locations, we can see them as drop down to the users when we select the content SharePoint. To view this link, we need to activate the publishing feature.

We can configure suggested content browser location at site collection level. To configure suggested content browser locations, navigate to Site Settings, in the Site Collection Administration section, click on “Suggested Content Browser Locations” link.

We can see the list. Click on new item to create new suggested location link.

Enter Display Name, URL and Description in the list item.

To check the suggested content browser location navigates to any page, edit the page. Select Insert option.

In the Select Asset dialog, We can see the Suggested link drop down as shown the image below.

So that we can access the suggested location easily by configuring the Suggested Content Browser location.

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