Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SharePoint Launch Pad web part issue in IE

I am not able to login the SharePoint site, even entering the correct credentials. By checking this some time, I have found that this is launch pad web part in SharePoint server. IE settings are not allowing third party cookies to the Login page.

We can fix this issue by adjusting the Internet Explorer privacy and security settings.
To Change Privacy settings Go to Tools on right top corner and Select Internet options. Select Privacy Tab, Move the Privacy References Slider down to set privacy level for internet is LOW. Click on OK.

To Change Security settings, click on Security Tab and Select Trusted Sites in the zones. Click on Sites Button to open trusted sites window.

In Trusted Sites window, add this website to the zone box, we have to enter the domain or IP Address of the SharePoint site, click on Add button.

Click on Custom Level button to open the Security settings – Trusted Sites Zone.

In Security Settings – Trusted Sites Zone, “Reset Custom Settings” drop down list, Select Low. Click Ok to exit the Security Settings window and Click on Ok to save the settings.

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