Friday, September 27, 2013

SharePoint – Back to basics - Quotas and locks in SharePoint

In SharePoint, as an administrator, I can control the storage limits for a site. Quota specifies the amount of data that stored in a site collection. Quota settings will send emails when quota limit is exceeded.

We can change the quota settings in SharePoint central Administration By Navigating to Application Management and Selecting Specify Quota Templates link.

We can the Quota template page with maximum size and personal site template. We can change the separate template also. Template name will edit the existing quota templates. We can create new templates in the template name section. Storage limits values will specify the whether to limit the amount of the storage available on the Site Collection. “Sand boxed Solutions with Code Limits” specifies the sand boxed code allowed in the site collection.

If warning limits exceeds, Quota template will send an email. Any change in the template will be affected all the sites in this template. To change the specific site collection quota without changing the quota template we need to follow the steps below,
Navigate to Application Management in Configure Quotas and Locks link Site Collections section.

In Quotas page, in the Current quota template, we have to choose the template quota and specify the Limit site storage and send warning details and Sand boxed Solutions Resource Quota.

Locks will specify administrators to disallow users to view, add, edit, and delete the items from a site. This will be useful while taking backup or migrating activities. We have four lock types are available in SharePoint.

Not Locked is the default scenario users can view or edit the contents. Adding Content Prevented option will add new content that blocked but edit/delete will allowed here. Through Read only option users can only view the content. Adding/editing/Deleting will not be allowed. Through No access users cannot allow to access the site.

We can configure locks by navigating to Application management and select configure quotas and locks. In the quotas and locks page, we need to specify the lock status in “Lock status for this site” option.

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