Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cross Site Publishing in SharePoint 2013- Part III - Connect publishing site catalog in SharePoint

To display the content from a list or library that is shared as catalog, we have to connect the publishing site collection to the catalog. To connect the publishing site collection catalog, catalog content and term set should be integrated to the publishing site collection and friendly URL need to create for the item details page.

We can connect the publishing site to a catalog by the steps below,

Navigate to publishing site setting page and click on Manage catalog connections link in Site Administration section.

Click on Connect to a catalog in Manage catalog connections page.

Click on connect button to connect the catalog. We can search specific catalog by searching in catalog name search field.

In Catalog Source Settings page Connection Integration section, to make the content available to the publishing site and to integrate catalog tagging term set to publishing site navigation we have to select Integrate the catalog into my site option. To make catalog content only available for publishing site, we have to select Connect, but do not integrate the catalog option. By selecting this option, we can use content from library to create individual catalog items.

We can specify the terms for catalog tagging to integrate the publishing site navigation terms in Navigation Hierarchy section. To integrate the catalog tagging term set from a different term, Click on Browse for a valid choice, Next to the Root term of hierarchy box. We can see Select: Add Terms dialog box that corresponding to the catalog tagging term set and click on OK. Select Include root term in site navigation check box to integrate the root term to the parent of selected term.

By specifying the terms in publishing site term set in Navigation position section we can set where the catalog tagging term set should be integrated.
In Navigation pinning section, by selecting Pin terms to site navigation check box we can made the changes in catalog tagging term set to be updated.

In Catalog Item URL Behavior section, By selecting Make URLs relative to this site option, we have to specify the catalog item URL to display the item details page in search index section.

In Catalog Item URL Format section, to use the field that specified primary key for shared library or list as catalog select Use the default URL format provided by the catalog source option. By selecting manually define a URL format option we can define the format for the URL manually. To construct custom URL based on the catalog properties we have to select Construct a URL format from catalog properties option and click Add button by selecting max five fields in Available Fields list.

In Category Page section, click on Create a new page to SharePoint 2013 server automatically create new category page for catalog content and select master page. Page will be automatically added to Pages library. By selecting Use an existing page, we can use already created category page.

To create new item in catalog content click on Create a new page and select master page. To use existing page select Use an existing page and specify the location. Click on OK.

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