Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Usage Reports and Popularity Trends in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 analytics has been improved a lot compared to SharePoint previous versions. MS people designed analytics to improve the search and result relevance. All the things like views, social tags, and clicks will be used in the SharePoint 2013 analytics searching capabilities.

Usage Reports: SharePoint 2013 generates the usage reports via excel. This will show the data of hits and unique users of the site. We have option to view the data of Site, Site Collection scope including each page and document library. We can access the data for the site and site collection by navigating to Site Settings page.
We have two links “Popularity Trends” and “Popularity and Search Reports” in the site settings. By Clicking on the links we can the usage reports as shown in the images below.

Most Popular Items: With Reports analytics also provides us to integrate with search results. For each page we have popularity trends on the ribbon, Share & Track section as shown in the image below.

We can see most popular items for library by checking the Most Popular Items button on the ribbon as shown below. 

By clicking on the button we can find the items that most viewed, Most Viewed by Unique Users, Most recommended clicks.

We can filter the results by using Search Driven Content section, Popular items web part to get the popular item in a page.

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