Friday, June 21, 2013

Configure site access request in SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint 2013 has many improvements as User Experience, Search, Service applications. We have one more cool improvement is site access. Users can requests access to the site by using site access request. Site Administrator will check the access requests for site when he logs-in.

Site Access request settings can be changed using “Access Request Settings” on the site permission ribbon. To configure the Site Request settings, navigate to Site Settings, Select Site Permissions link in “Users and Permissions” group.

To enable the Access Requests, Check “Allow access requests” check box and enter the email address to send all the access requests.

To send the access requests to a site, enter Site Url in other browser. Pass the credentials user don’t have access to the site. SharePoint will check that user having permissions or not. If user don’t have permissions to access the site page will redirected to

We can see the page to new access request. We can see access request dialog that we can send the emails to requesting access for the site.

Once we send the request, Access request page updates as “Awaiting Approval”.
When Admin login to the site, checking the “Access Requests and invitations” link Admin can see the pending requests as shown below.

We can approve or reject the pending request as site collection administrator. 

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