Monday, March 21, 2011

Error:Share Point Timer Service Not Activated

Hi all, i got an exception like "service timer not started......." while activating a web part feature to a site in share point. In share point all the operations run on a service timer, That's why i am not able to move single inch forward from that state. After googling for some time i got the solution. I am providing the screen shots here how to rectify the issue.

run the services.msc to check the services activated.

select the windows share point service timer. It is not started.So try to start it. If it started, your issue solved. Otherwise it is giving any error check the properties as shown below.

You will get the window as shown below.

Check the radio button is on local System Account or not. If it is not to the local system out then make it as local system account.

Now it will work fine.

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