Saturday, February 19, 2011

Before Going to SharePoint

Hi Every one. In this article i am dealing with the main concepts that are need to know before going to SharePoint.

SharePoint is not like We need to learn more things before going to SharePoint. Because only .net concepts are not enough to learn SharePoint. Apart from .net concepts we need to have the clear idea on  network configurations and IIS (internet information service).
So before going to SharePoint these are the concepts that you have to know thoroughly.

  •    Request headers
  •    IIS request routing
  •    Page  layouts [not .NET concept]
  •    ISAPI
  •    Register .net framework to IIS.
  •    Learn .NET 2.0 complete basic concepts for SharePoint 2007, .Net 3.5 basic concepts for   SharePoint 2010.
  •   XML
  •   XSLT
  •   Authentication and Authorization
  •   Web.config  
  •   App_Code 
  •   BIN Vs GAC
  •   Virtual directories
  •   SQL Server roles and access. Example: What are the permissions required to run SPROC to a user?
  •   Http Modules
  •   Http handlers
  •   Anonymous users in IIS
  •  Service accounts
  •  Application pools
  •  Recycling
  •  What  IISRESET does
  •  W3WP process importance.


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